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What Qualifications are needed to work in the Fitness Industry ?

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Many countries, such as the UK and Australia have fitness instructor registration systems. These all have the common theme of having industry agreed standards for each category of work (e.g. PT, Gym Instructing etc) and these standards then administered by a central body (normally the industry association).

At present in New Zealand there are no uniform standards for instructor qualifications, but it has been identified by the industry as an important issue. We are therefore developing such a system this year (2002/3) in partnership with Sfrito ( (Sfrito is the Industry Training Organisation responsible for facilitating education and training in many physical recreation areas, including fitness). Included in the proposed registration system will be portability of registrations from other countries (especially Australia).

Until the registration system is developed each fitness centre/health club is responsible for setting its own qualifications/training standards. So at present our advice for those thinking about working in the fitness industry is to talk to the centres/clubs that you may potentially wish to work for about the qualifications that these centres most value.

If you have registered with an organisation outside New Zealand and hold suitable qualifications, you may be able to use this in New Zealand without any further upskilling, but this will depend on the individual centre(s) you're thinking of working for. Once again, contact the centre(s) you consider potential employers and discuss with them your current qualifications and training.

Once FitnessNZ has developed the registration system we will advise the industry via fitness centres and health clubs, and at that time you will be asked to then formally register with us. At this point we will be able to definitively say what is the acceptable standard for qualifications in the fitness industry.